Monday, 20 December 2010

Am I looking for god?

My dad has told me repeatedly recently that it's obvious to him (a Christian) that I'm "looking for god" and that he's confident i shall find him.

His idea that my active atheism is simply an expression of my search for god is quite an interesting one, i agree, but we all know just how closed minded religious folk are sometimes and surely it must ease his conscience for him to feel that his interpretation, once again, is righteous, as his ignorant interpretation of scripture always has done.

Now, about this god, previously, i have put it to my dad, in response, that he can guarantee with certainty that, should i ever find a god, he can be "quite sure that it will not be the Christian god of misery and submission, pain and torture, ignorance and bigotry, slavery, rape and famine; Jesus, who would rather shame gays than give an orphan a family, can literally go to hell"... But, i admit, upon reviewing the following evidence, it has come to my attention that perhaps i am looking for this god after all:

Christianity has been the backbone of ignorance for 2000 years, it serves only to control the lives of it's following by showering them with bigoted dogma, ignorance and petty cowardliness, and that's before we mention it's views on women, blacks, homosexuals and children. Further to this its' very basic claims, such as Adam and Eve being the first man, the great flood, Jesus Christ's miracles and others are simply not possible to be true given current scientific resources, fossils, transitional forms, logic, evidence and reason. Besides this, it has caused sadness upon pain upon famine upon war after one another and still today contributes to intolerance, racism, bigotry and homophobia across the world so that the very free will it claims to give it's followers is taken right from under their noses. You know, i could go on, but I'm convinced already.

My dad is right, it is the Christian god that i want to find after all.... To give him a well deserved smack in the face!

That's all for now x

Coming out!

Telling the world that you are gay is one of the most dreadful thoughts you will have as a teenager, young adult, married man, father or even pensioner, yet why is it that humanity has it such that we even have to?

Straight people don't have any extra pressure upon their true nature when considering revealing it to others, they're in the lucky boat of being one of those that's considered normal!

It seems to me though that, unbeknown to anyone still in the closet, actually coming out isn't all that bad or in fact the hardest part of it, it is coming out to "yourself" that is indeed the hardest part of this phenomenon and this in itself should be considered a victory once you have done it.

Face it, you've spent so many years trapped in a society full of ignorance and bigotry, that you have pushed away from your own true nature so far that you may have even considered ending your own life because of it, i know i did for many years, but once you start smiling at the fact that you are LGBT, and you don't necessarily have to be part of its' community to enjoy it, you will have found your first victory.

You 1 Society 0

You've opened up the door to eternal happiness, inner peace and self respect; closing the door to lacking self esteem, inner turmoil and submission to others' petty ignorances. Well done!

Oh and then look in the mirror, cos OH MY GOD you are beautiful, and you just might notice it moreso now, after you've done the aformentioned hard part, coming out to yourself!