Saturday, 9 July 2011

A horse has always been a horse?

My dad, once again, has trifled with reality in a way unknown to us logical chaps....

On the discussion of evolution he has repeatedly stated, that "a horse has always been a horse", "a dog has always been a dog".

Not only does this clearly demonstrate his lack of understanding, but also his lack of independent enquiry, since, sadly, and it pains me to embarrass him, but a horse has not always been a horse.

Dogs most certainly have not always been dogs.

So, to clarify, and hopefully educate; Dogs as we know them now have not always been as they appear today. Strictly speaking, most breeds of dog today as we know them, and i'm talking pedigree, not Heinz Variety 57 examples, have only recently become pedigree over the last few hundred years.

The golden retriever for eg, only evolved at the end of the C19. they along with other dogs, in fact evolved due to domestication of Wolves. That is backed up with fossil record, and human detailed facts.

Horses, however had a more intricate evolution. According to, not theory, but fact: fossil records, horses are one of two extant sub-species of Wild Horse, that evolved from Hyracotherium, an extinct genus of small animals that lived in the wood lands of the northern hemispher during the early tertiary and early to mid Eocene Epoch period, approximately 55-45 Million years ago.

This is backed up with fossil record, and not as detailed by religious people who might suggest that as the great flood grew, those animals that were the strongest and biggest got higher in the mountains that hold the fossil record.

My question to those who deny evolution, regardless of their reason, is how can you deny evolution, regardless of your reason. It is evident, is backed up with reason logic and the world is riddled with fossils. You accept that dodo's became extinct, and mammoths? Why deny the rest?

You deny it simply because you live in fear of the second life you so desperately seek, the same one that is misguided and blinded by religious ignorance, the same one that makes you shamed by your own human nature, the same one that makes you lie to yourself.

As always, i maintain that you should spend less time worrying with fear about the life you seek after your death, one that still has yet proven to be true and spend more time learning about yourself, human nature whilst still actively alive. It's the best you can do, for yourself.

AND, i'm sorry, but horses haven't always been horses. They have only existed for a few million years, which is nothing compared to the many millions of years that dinosaurs dominated our planet, before we now have evolved to dominate it ourselves.

That is all x

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