Thursday, 15 July 2010


So, my friend tonight told me she has a health issue that, without indiscretion, wasn't particularly personal, but her options regarding what to do with her situation are limited, due to her being american and subsequently lives under america's way of life. This, compared to where i live, is something that is completely out of our societies expected "norm"... to be worried about health, YES, but not at all financially. We have the NHS. We know that our government will fix us using every avenue possible and we will not be asked to pay a penny towards it (though contributions are taken from wages, these are minimal) This is something we take for granted. It has such an impact on us that we don't realise, until you hear of someone you care about who has something that would be fixed here for free, but can be a financial, and with that further stressful, concern, just how lucky we are.

My friend said that the reason there is no NHS could be linked to insurance....

The more i thought about it, this is now obvious, and as we now have private insurance here also, in fact with many well paid common working class jobs, private health cover comes as standard with your salary package....

I just wonder how long it will be before we no longer have the peace of mind that my friend across the waters currently doesn't enjoy!

Get well soon friend! x

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  1. Happy to see some thoughts on this page. Hope there's more to come.