Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ignorance of blame!

Questions: Why is it that some people can not do the following?

Take blame? Be grateful? Thank someone? Be pleased for others' happiness? Say sorry?

I find often amongst, luckily not in those in whom i put my closest trust as friends, but sometimes in the outer circle, and often in simply other people who i encounter that they can have one or two of the above, in my view, negative and discourteous qualities.

Sharing in the pleasure of the people you consider in your life should be something done with enthusiasm and excitement, even if slightly exaggerated to your real feeling. As such, the same should be said for saying sorry, admitting when you're wrong, or in order to be grateful for help, advice, or gifts given to you. People are stubborn with some emotions and prefer to lock them away rather than open up their hearts. I admit i think some people, including me, are too "heart on sleeve" with certain folks, i personally don't know what makes me the way I am, I'm still studying my life degree... But i feel sadness when I don't see the good qualities I know that I have. We all have things about ourselves that we would change I bet, I know I wish I could stop being over dramatic when I'm drunk for eg, but really, it doesn't take a lot at all to exhibit the qualities I'm talking of above and i think that those who choose not to, and it is a choice, really are missing out on the feelings you get by actually embracing the above.

The selfishness of human nature is something that is somewhat inborn i feel and subsequently nurtured away from, it seems that some people haven't quite been nurtured in the right manner.

That is all for now :D

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